Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wknd @ Home

Finally, after traveling so much recently for work - finally, get to spend a nice quiet weekend at home. And with this nasty weather, there's no better place to be than the comfy of our apt. No matter what F says, I think our humble LES apt is still nice and cozy - although I'm just as excited to move to our bigger place in Williamsburg. :-))

Last nite we went to see The Breakup. I was originally gonna pass on this one, not a big fan of either V or J and the premise seemed predictable. But it was actually a pleasant surprise and turned out to be quite good. Should have guessed when the theater was fully packed even if this is like the 3rd week in release. I think it's definitely worth it and make you appreciate your relationship more -- actually a thought provoking 'date movie' vs. a 'chick flick'. Also the movie makes Chicago such a hip/romantic city.

Anyways, supposed to be heading to a friend/colleague's place in Hells Kitchen later this PM since his BF is publishing a new recipe book on 'environmental friendly cooking' -- interesting, very "LA" kinda thing but in NY.

Gonna really chill tonite and spend some quality time at home, loving it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Williamsburg in 6 weeks

It has been almost 3 weeks after we came back from Europe. Time flew so fast and we can't wait for our next long trip back to Asia.

So We had decided to move from FAB. LES after 2 years living here and we found just right outside the city-2 subway stops on L train in Brooklyn, an area called Williamsburg. All N-Yorkers know where is Wburg but not necessary people from other cities. A lit bit about Wburg is the combination between LES and East Village with less 'pack of people'. LES really became 'tourist attraction' for people who are visiting from all over 5 boroughs. Its still cool and fun but at the same time we feel like it is time to discover another part of the borough so we happily choose Wburg.

This 1500 sq ft. (YES ! it is a true BIG living space) 2 floor duplex suite with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bath, including full kitchen, washer-dryer INSIDE the house and the highlight of the house is the 350 sq ft additional backyard with the swings !!!
Our dogs will love it as much as we do !

We never really lived in a private house before except kinda renting a room in a house OR apt. so this will be a good experience for us to maintain the big space.

We are so looking forward to it and definitely will have more PARTIES !!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

London Last Night

The last night in London, we went to see Mary Poppins -- the ultimate brit stage show. I loved MPoppins since I was a kid so I had to force F to sit through it with me. He actually fell asleep during the first part of the show - :-)

Here's the curtain inside the theater:

And the crowd after the show:

I'm glad we did it. It was like seeing REnt in NY, you gotta see Mary Poppins in London right?

London and Paris... baby you can't keep...?

:-) Ok that was a cheesy title for this blog entry, but I just had to do it... :-)

Got back this Sat night from our long awaited trip to London & Paris. Hard to blog the entire experience. It was definitely time well spent and the experience was made that much more amazing since F got us such a great deal on the airline and hotel.
The highlight of the trip was actually the flight there. Since F got us the ultimate first class experience on a boutique airline called EOS - basically all the seats on the plane were first class and you have your own personal space. It was amazingly private and you get to lie down flat to sleep.

It was great. The food was amazing as well. Truly first class in all regards. Not only that we got to check out the Emirates first class lounge before the flight -- what a great send off!

Arrived in London refreshed. The city is energetic and bustling. So cool to hear British accents left and right (obviously) and the cab drivers were so NICE compared to the ones in NY. (well they DO charge double the price I guess).

Checked into the ultimate hip hotel called the Sanderson. It is one of the Morgan Hotels, you know, the Mondrian in LA/Hudson in NY etc... very hip (a bit too hip to be honest) and happening. THe room was amazing as well, all white with an electrical pink curtain to divide the bed and bath rooms for just that touch of color.

London is an interesting city. It's energy, very European, but it totally reminds me of Hong Kong! The street signs and the mail boxes on the streets look just like the ones I grew up with in HK.

Here's our double decker tourguide host:

And boy are they proud of their Queen... it's all about the Queen there. The Queen's land, the Queen's garden...etc...etc... all about royalty. It's fascinating at first but gets old quickly.

Here's a pic of London nightlife on the streets:

The food ain't so amazing in London but we did manage to go to a wonderfully fabulous Indian restaurant in an outside area called Vauxhall. That's also where a bunch of larger / factory style gay clubs are located. We actually went to a pre-opening of a new one called Area. The space was cool and the sound system was amazing. The crowd... not so. :-)

We had fish and chips the last day, was pretty good also actually. Here's the really loud owner of the fish & chips stand close to the London Tower: