Monday, February 27, 2006

Trannie America

So we forgot to mention that we saw Transamerica on Friday nite at the IFC. First of all, the west village theater rocks... i know it's been open for a year - but since F and I haven't been the most artsy-fartsy lately - haven't had a chance to check the theater out. The IFC actually has a restaurant on premise - with a full bar! We ordered BBQ nachos... yummy. BTW< for those of you who wanna check it out, here's a tip, if you eat at the restaurant, you won't have to LINE UP for the movie afterwards, they just usher you in when you show your receipt.

Anyways, the movie was really really good i thought, and not just because of the nude scenes from the cute actor who plays her son, but FHuffman was truly great. If Reese takes the award next Sun, I'd be pissed. She was definitely great!

Sunday Feb 26th 2005 ..

So we started the beautiful day by swing the apple store and bought iBook G4 for myself (F) YAY ! I am using it now ..

It's about time for me to have a laptop, we are sharing it before but now I can definitely use it from wherever I want to.

We also had lunch at the pasta place in SOHO, amazing ! I think its our fifth time there. We were actually planning to go to HARLEM to try to the soul food that they recommend on channel 25 but it is a bit too far since we have to walk the babies to the park.

Today was gorgeous! A bit cold when its windy but the sun was shining bright, too bright made me wanna lie on the beach !
The two babies are so tired now, they are sleeping all day long.

Forgot to mention this Cuban Restaurant that we went to yesterday, their lunch was amazing, they are in the W. Village, see some pictures below that we took.

It is around 8P now and we are heading out to URGE to end the weekend and to pay out from last night since we stayed home and watched the pay per view of Darkwater, i think the end was a twist and that made the movie better than other 'us-japanese horror movies'

Ahhh drinks at Urge...the ultimate LES neighborhood bar.

Headed to tumyum soup afterwards around the corner from the bar - yum!

catch up laterzz ......

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last Day in Montreal

So the best part about our Montreal trip?? The HOTEL! F got us a Jr. Suite at ultra hip Hotel St. Paul for our vacation -- the room was amazing and love that fireplace in the lobby.

The subway is also one of its highlights -- clean, efficient, and smooth... The only trash we found on the tracks was a slice of pizza...which definitely can't happen in MY since the rats would have gotten to it already :-)))

So on our first nite (Fri) in Montreal, we headed to a cool restaurant called SALOON in the gay village... very clubby and chill - perfect for the first night!

Saturday was spent braving the cold and hanging out in their "underground mall" :-)

That night we checked out one of Montreal's "famous" attractions... a strip club! The difference between Canadian strip clubs and US ones is that they can be fully nude up north -- so we just HAD to check it out. It was like a gym locker room but with cocktails. TOo bad I couldn't take any pics to share with you -- guess you'll just have to go and check it out yourself. Went to a place called Campus - supposed to be the best one in town.

Sunday was our last day in Montreal. So it was like the coldest days here the past 2 days -- but sunday the weather warmed up a bit, so we headed out and walked around the city.

Of course no trip is complete without paying our respects at Chinatown...

The last stop on Sun was the Olympic stadium -- and the cool cable car up to the observatory.

The city is definitely gorgeous but because of the freezing weather this time around. Would like to visit again when it's warmer -- I'm sure the city would be much more lively!

Today is Monday, Pres Day. Heading to a biz trip in Chicago tomorrow -- fly fly again... can't wait to settle down a bit and spend some quality time at home with F and our two babies... :-)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Montreal here we come !!!

We are so excited about visiting the 'other' part of French !
I've heard a lot of good thing about YUL. From the lively street, the awesome buildings, the 'village' mmmmhhhhh.....

Supposedly the weather will be really cold but we are ready ! We like it cold anyway.

It's been a busy week for me, glad to take a few days off. V finally came back from the WC on Tuesday night after a 'long' 10 days (yeah, he was stucked in SF because of the storm)

We will be enjoying Montreal for sure and can't wait to check out the St. Paul as well

Monday, February 13, 2006

Blizzard 2006 in NYC

Yes its finally came !!! We thought it will never happen this year, yeah right !
It is almost 4P now and its finally slowing down, the snow had been falling for over 24 hours now but the weosrt time was between midnight until noon today. Nearly 23 inches by Central Park this late morning. Wondering how I-95 looks like ?

V is still in SF (stucked ! ) they had cancelled all flights to and from 3 airports in NY. He will have to fly back home on Valentine's Day.

Not so much for me to do this weekend alone by myself except watched the WORST movie I ever saw like the house in the movie though When Stransgers Calls. It is so bad that you don't even know what is really they are telling to tell the movie watchers ? And why are we suppose to understand the f***ing story line ? Good that I watched also the FD III which was also bad, but kinda satisfied since I am the 'bad-horror movie' watcher !

See now all New Yorkers finally relieved that the blizzard is here, we were keep wondering why is it not coming yet ? Stop wondering and lets cheer up to the snow and play with it while its last because the next couple more days, its going to be the warm ones !

So the NY Fall Fashion Week had officially ended on Friday. I hope all the Fashionistas made the flight going to Milan for the next show. Imagine if they had to leave last night or today ? All the fashionistas are going to freak out especially those Models !

What elese happening in NY these days ? Did I miss anything ?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Biz Trip Week

I miss F alot this week... of course cause I've been on a biz trip all week this week -- hopefully F will read this and know how very much I miss him and Buffy and Rocky.

It's Wed nite in SF, after spending the last 2 days entertaining clients and speaking at a conference, I'm quite wiped out. Looking forward to a quiet but productive day at the hotel tomorrow actually. The weather in SF is NICE, it's about 70 degrees today - But can't enjoy it without my honey, heheh just not the same.

So we're planning a trip up to Montreal next weekend, I'm totally looking forward to it!! Mainly because i get to spend quality time with F... awww.. so sweet. :-)

So i was in vegas the past 2 days for a conference, and hung out with my clients at night. Last night I took him to see "Ka" the amazing Cirque De Solei at the MGM. It was truly amazing! The acrobatic skills and the special effects... wow!! Too bad it was a 10:30pm show after a non-stop day --- I was soooo tired. I think my client fell asleep for portions of it. heheh BUt truly though, it was really amazing... my first CdS show!

So now I'm in SF for the last part of my trip. Spent the nite with a couple of friends in LA who were here on business - my older 'sister' Sharon and her friend Michelle. It was great seeing both of them again -- it's been over 2 years since I saw Sharon. She looks the same, wild / happy / hot -- never changed since I met her over 10 years agO! She rocks but I know she's going thru shit and I just want her to be happy... hopefully one day...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

GYM .. *** arrgghhhhh ***

So I had a free session from the gym with the personal trainer today and he made me do the push ups for like almost 50 times and jumping jack for 100 times !
It feels good but tiring at the same time especially for me. he taught me how to do some of the weights and also how not to bend over as much, try to actually use the legs like you try to sit to pick up stuff from the ground instead of bending over all the way and makes your back hurt.

Today was sunny and clear but too bad had to work and trapped inside, V is in Las Vegas now for work and I am planning our trip going to Montreal. Can't wait !

Do you guys know South Asia has three major sections ? I just watched some channel on TV and it really educated me how that Bangladesh became Bangladesh from East Pakistan before.
So basically West and East Pakistan were not going along because of the religions when West Pakistan is a moslem section and Hindhu's on the other side. So East Pakistan decided to change its name to Bangladesh and until now, whoever is a Moslem is living on the West Pakistana and East Pakistan is the other way around for Hindu and India is right in between them.

And also Israel is actually considered as a Europe section amongst the middle eastern's countries ?

Being living in NY for almost 2 years, it really open your eyes that are so MANY nationalities and cultures that really make you want to learn and find out. I remembered my high school's friend told me that (he reads newspaper in a daily basis by the way) you can find eery nationalities from A to Z in America, is that really true ????

Monday, February 06, 2006

Downgrade to Conan O'Brien (and his "clan")

So I was working at our client's (Verizon) Chinese New Year festival booth in Chinatown today - it was great, weather was nice (thought it was supposed to rain) and the sky was clear and crisp!

In the afternoon, a bunch of guys carrying 'hefty' camera equipment set up right next to our booth -- apparently shooting a sketch for Conan O'Brien -- you know the one with that ugly dog puppet (dun know the name -- never watch the show). They brought with them caged rabbits, cats, and a duck as part of the "act".

They were joking around with kids and older people who were checking out the festival -- asking them to do vulgar shit like "touch the balls" on the puppet etc. Of course the older people and kids didn't really know what was going on and played along. Then the camera guys had the puppet hump the caged animals they brought. It was horrendous and just plain NASTY -- especially offensive during Chinese New Year and at a family event!! So all I have to say is #$^#&*$^ to Mr. O'Brien and his freakin' crew -- I hope PETA gets word of this as well -- as they were treating the animals like shit.

Here's one of the Obrien clans-woman trying to 'tame' the cat (which looked totally freaked out) for the humping scene.

And when the Cops told the Obrien camera guys to get the hell outta there since they had no permit for a booth (they also got a MAJOR scolding from a festival attendee telling them how they are totally insulting the Chinese culture and totally disrespecting the culture).

May the Year of the Dog be a DOG YEAR for Conan!! :-P

Sunday, February 05, 2006


wooo hoooo .... ! Its so deeply blue the sky today and I am ready to go out and about after the laundry though. V has already out since this morning for the CNY Parade and he had to take care of some stuff.

We saw Capote last night and I think the movie was okay but PSH was really good.

For those who knows who Glenn Fredly, I am sure you will like the song 'Kisah Romantis'(Romantic Story) from the OST Cinta Silver (Silver's Love) from Indonesia.

Love the song so much from the first time I heard it and keep repeating it from my shuffle, I even so pathetic, translated the lyric into english :)
Didn't have a chance to buy the whole album but will do when I visited home again.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sat Morning

So met our friends for drinks at XL last night followed by dinner at La Bottega next door - amazing black squid linguini. yum O! Not really sure if alchohol is my 'thing' anymore because I always feel so crappy and nasty the next day --- not necessarily 'hung over' but really just 'blahhhh / no energy'.

So we've been going to this "new" (opened late last year) cafe just around the block called Falai (not the restaurant, but the new bakery). THe place is all WHITE (like the restaurant) and the coffee and baked goods are amazing. Very cozy atmosphere and great on a weekend morning to just sit and read the paper!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Day of February and Work (for F)

Yes, I finally got to work again after took like 5 days off, loved it !

If anyone interested to find first and business classes, you can contact me, I will definitely do my best to at least beat the prices out there, sorry not really into economy anymore !

It was cold today and first day to have my weekday lunch in the beautiful UWS. So yes, it is a block away from Central Park and right across from The Dinosaurs Museum but I don't feel like really 'home' maybe we have been spending a lot of time below 14th street, okay we go to uptown once in a while, really nothing really to do there ! no offense but for real, more stuff going on below 14th street.

Today went well, love the old office with the brick and surrounded by trees and the neighbourhood was really quite, not your typical LES :))

Ciao for now !