Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Mother of all children

So basically I have no ideas why I put that subject above. Its just crossed my mind at this second. Hk is getting coller these days afterall winter is coming but thank GOD is not going to be as dramatic as NY. We have gone through winter in NY three times and I think that is more than enough !

I wish I can write more and expressing myself to this share online diary that I have with Vince for almost 3 years now. Its nice to read everything back again what we have done so far and also those pictures that we put which most of them we took it with out own camera. YES they are real !

We did travelled a lot since the past few years. We wanna be citizen of the world but its pretty hard to maintain that status for a long time. Don't we all want to settle somewhere ? Somewhere that we can find our favourite places to crash and burn. I do realize whenever you live, you face the same people, especially the queers. Attitudes, the 'fabalously', the ones who act like the others, the bitchiness, afterall we all are QUEER !

We just saw Beyonce last weekend at the Venetian in Macau, girlfriend rocks ! Although we didn't really like the whole producation and not as xcited compare with Gwen. Buildings are being built everywhere in Macau, just imagine Las Vegas 10 years ago and imagine Macau in the next 10 years.