Monday, March 26, 2007

Last days of winter - finally!!

Well supposedly....

fyi here's our subway stop in brooklyn, i like this pic so just putting it in here:

Last weekend it still looked like we're in the dead of winter. I guess it's like 80 degrees in Hong Kong right now. :-)

so we're planning our move right now - including going through our closets and dumping stuff we don't want. it's incredible HOW much clothes 2 gay guys can collect... stuff I don't even remember we had. we dug out 8 large plastic bags worth of clothes to try to sell to buffalo exchange -- the rest i guess we'll just donate.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

After 3 months...

or 4... not sure, it's really been a while since we updated our blog. Lots have happened since November - of course Xmas / New Years and all of winter. we've also changed our life plans as well, since now we have finally decided to move to Hong Kong this summer! it's gonna be a big change I must admit (esp the humidity and weather - i think that would take the most adjusting to). at least we'll definitely lose weight over there :-))

so we went to New Orleans last weekend. it was both our first time and it was fun - although quite creepy. I actually just woke up from a dream set in a "New Orleanish" place - in the dream I saw a few tornados and I immediately looked up what it meant online. Something about unpredictability or disasterous future or something - I don't really believe in it. I'd rather think of it as a 'new beginning' and wiping out the past.

Here are some images from New Orleans... creepy...but beautiful city.

Here's our room at the W Hotel:

Great architecture:

We actually went ahead and took a Vampire Tour, it was very interesting and very well worth it. I think it's mainly because the guide was an amazing story teller...

He dressed the part with long stringy hair and a pale face. He was wearing a cape! But I think the most interesting thing is that he has genuine interest in the history of vampire-like activities in New Orleans.

Here's probably the most haunted house in the French Qtr. It used to house a pair of brothers who kidnapped people and brought them back to their house, (second floor here) and skin them and drank their blood thru straws. They would torture their victims and will use acid to decompose their bodies and throw into the missippi river... chills...