Monday, April 24, 2006

New York Auto Show

What F failed to mention was that we headed to the NY Auto Show yesterday morning - a friend of mine from work had an extra pair of tickets.

Amazing rides, although to be honest I don't really miss owning a car, so much responsibility and so much of a 'waste' owning one in the city. I'd rather spend the money on car service.

Rainy Weekend

DAMN ! It was sunny and hot on last Thursday and it became really cold the next day until today.
The rain finally pour again for the longest time starting yesterday and it just stopped.

I know its been almost a week we didn't do the blog since busy of course with stuff and being so lazy ! hehe ..

Last weekend, we finally got to check out the W-Burg again and its actually its not bad walking to the other train station which are J/M/Z line instead of taking the L train since we just literally live off the Wbrg bridge. Checked out some cool stores and the other side of the main bedford street when all the artist live, It such a cool place.
Got some vintages from the japanese store which has some stuff on sale of course and we just had to get it since its so hot :)

On Sunday, we finally went to Woodburry Commom by taking a train and came home with a bus. I would reccomend to just take the bus roundtrip since the train from the city you kinda have to change in Secaucus junction and then take cab from the off station to reach the outlet. Some GOOD deal of course, Barneys NY-lacoste-TUMI-BanRep etc .. got some summer stuff for ourselves and still can get over it until we left the outlet. Weather was great but unfortunately some stores were closed since it was Easter.

Something really about shopping in NY, don't buy retail !!! ever ! Sure its up and coming first its launched but wait until a couple of months when they have a big SALE, the prices would drop like you can ever imagine how good deal they are.

We started this weekend a bit mellow since the weather is not promising at all. Went to this DIner at Tribeca, good 'diner food' if you know what I meant but the crowds are very local which is always good and headed up to Tribeca Grand Hotel since they had the store rent sale for only 1 day and unfortunately the stuff is for gurrllsss ... so we left sadly !

Finally we ended the Saturday night with bunch of friends had dinner at the OLIVA right close to our house and continued it to Hotel on Rivington for drinks. Although it was pouring last night, the restaurant was packed and of course the bar at THOR is really really crowded as usual but luckily we live a block away so we just crashed after a long FAB. night !!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

dripping friday

so I took Friday off work (although was still glued to the computer all morning), it was nice to just hang out and relax. The weather was kinda crappy though so F and I headed to catch up on the two movies we've been waiting to see...scary movie 4 which opened this weekend was hilarious... although the scenes poking fun at War of the Worlds wasn't 1/2 as funny as them making fun of Tom Cruise and his psychotic episode on Oprah. I thought the first few SMovies were better though.

then we hopped, yes hopped, over to see Friends with Money, you know the movie with Jennifer Aniston and those 3 other actresses.. heheh you know it's all about JEN, actually she wasn't half bad. The other actresses were strong but Catherine Keener, she's really my favorite. She just rocks the screen in whatever movie she's in... she's someone you want to see MORE of, and should have a starring role sometime soon.

The highlight of the movie-going experience, for the two of us E!-watching, celeb-sneering guys, was the 'sighting' of Natalie Portman in Friends with Money. The theater was quick packed and full and she came in kinda late, and was forced to sit all the way in the front (we were kinda in the front as well), and all the way against the wall. It was funny when she tried to smile sweetly to the girl in our row who was saving seats for friends, that girl totally ignored her.

You can tell Ms. Portman was looking for a sign of 'recognition' or 'excitement' from those around her, but no one gave a damn (this IS new york afterall - not the celeb-obsessed LA from wherence (??) we came) except for us.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Orchard

This place is voted one of the best BYOB restaurants in the city. last night we hung out with our friends G&J and had dinner there.

Before dinner we met the duo (and their str8 duo friends) at Epstein's bar, corner of stanton and allen -- and of course, since we are on the hip&happening LES, we spotted B-list celeb elijah wood -- yeah, that's right the hobbit from LOTR. he looked 12 with a backpack and carrying a huge camera -- i guess he's an aspiring photographer...

i guess everyone is 'aspiring' to be something else they are not, ie no one is satisfied and the grass is always greener. :-)

The Orchard really has great food. Their flatbreads are to DIE for and their tuna tar tar, one of the best and most unique i've ever had. And because it was BYOB, it probably cut our bill by at least 30%. We grabbed 3 bottles (2 white and 1 red) at September (a hip wine shop) just close by and didn't even need to wait for seats.

Half drunk (some of us fully drunk), we took pictures of these four asian girls (i think they were korean) and joked that they were the Asian version of Sex in the City, had to post their pic in here:

F and I will definitely go back there again during the week.

p.s. Stanton Social is overrated, went there at 8:30 they said first thing they have is 11:30p. whatever, the place is way too 'touristy-sceney' -- ie. the Ivy of the LES.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spontaneus Philly Trip

So last Saturday after the long rainy day we decided around 3P to take the 5P train to Philly. Again, another quick spontaneous trip.

When we got there the rain has stopped and we were able to actually enjoy the last hour of the sun before its dawn.

The Rittenhouse Square is definitely has to be visited when you guys come to Philly. A little cute park surroundings by these old artistic buildings.

Stayed at this historic Park Hyatt and got a junior suite right in the city center.

It was a bit cold than we thought, we headed out to ALMA de CUBA, the same owner of Morimoto that just opened in MPD area in NY.

The food was great and the athmosphere was very chic and stylist. Check out the 'cigar desert' that we had, they even lighted up part of the desert and it does look like a real cigar (or a piece of shit) ! Excellent !!

The next day of course the blue bright sky finally came out after a long day rain the day before,

we started the day to check out the most popular brunch place for locals called JONES. Again, the food was amazing and the atmosphere is very zen, most of the colour inside is green and it really makes you feel very relaxing. Philly is actually one of the city in the eastern US that has a lot of good restaurants to offer.

Got some stuff for ourselves, shop again like we always do :))

We also checked out the South Street when the stores were open, last time when we were there, most of the shops were closed because we were too early. it really looks like Haight Street in SF, lots of funky little stores plus the vintage stores.

So overall it was a good trip for us, its exactly 24 hours we were there and definitely taking train is one of the most convenient way to go.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Beautiful Weekend

YES, finally after a long a** cloudy day !

We started the day walking our two babies around the block before we headed out to this hidden restaurant called FREEMAN located on Freeman Alley right in between LES and NoLita

Delicious food and the crowd is very funky-sophisticated. Had the lamb sausage and poached eggs with grilled tomatoes and of course V had to start the weekend with a lil 'drink' it and he got the baked egg with cheese and spinach, it sounds really delicious but believe it, its upgrade !!!

Headed to SOHO before Central Park to feel the new bloom spring flowers and leaves. Fifth Avenue as usual packed with shoppers (locals or tourists), got a wallet for myself after accidentally washed it in the washer.

NY is always great every seasons, there are always something new .. either restaurants, shops, unique set of space like coffee houses-bakeries-eataries.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fools Weekend

It's Saturday night, and want to catch y'all up on our goings on. On Friday I went to Coney Island for the first time -- it was actually still quite chilly (even colder than the city actually!) - but I did manage to head over to the very Original Nathan's hot dog for a quick bite after the meeting and before heading back to the office.

Last nite we headed back to that 'all you can eat meat' place in Tribeca -- Churrasica Platforma - didn't overstuff myself but did take a pic of their cool wine room.

After dinner, walked over to the SOho Grand bar for a quick drink before headed home -- didn't see any celebs that night though although S.Johannsen is rumored to hang at the bar there. P.S. if you want a free copy of Timeout, they have them for free at Soho Grand. :-) (I know cheap chink tip) :-)

This morning was actually nice despite the warning that it would 'thunderstorm' throughout the day, apparently it didn't rain till like about 2p when we snuck into the theater and saw two very CHEESY movies... Failure to Launch & Basic Instincts 2... I know I know, you guys are probably questioning our film choices - but hey , we need see Thank You for Smoking when we were in LA... that was a riot and more 'arty' than our choices this weekend. Anyways, by then it was raining outside anyways.

Before the movie though, we went to the gym (yes especially after last night's all-meat dinner), and headed to Nolita and checked out The Market where local designers get to sell their wares... it's kinda like walking into a Project Runway casting waiting room... $39 for a little bag with skulls - what a rip off. :-P

Afterwards, we passed Happy Paws, the pet store on Lafayette that actually cut Rocky's tongue when we took them in for grooming, to pick up doggie shampoo. They were actually holding a doggie birthday party in the store. It was interesting, a bunch of dogs and their owners - interesting how the dogs were interacting with eachother more than the humans. There was even drinks, chips, crackers and cheese for the 'humans'. I mean we love our Buffy and Rocky, but... a birthday party is a bit much...

Tonight we were lazy but forced ourselves to head out for dinner, try a new restaurant on Ave. A. A spanish Tapas place between 1st and 2nd. Was actually quite good... a bit pricey for those small little taps but the food was really amazing and the drinks were spectacular -- first time drinking a pomergrante cocktail. Was definitely yummy!

On the walk home, we see spring in full bloom...

which inspired us to pick up some flowers (we're both not really 'flower people') for the house. What a great way to ring in what is supposed to a GORGEOUS Sunday tomorrow!

BTW< the only "fool" that happened to us today was probably the two cheesy movies back to back ;-))))