Monday, October 31, 2005

Boy Least Likely To

Discovered this new 'band' (two guys) from London, love their single "Be Gentle with Me"... catchy tunes, check them out,

Doggie Halloween

Took the babies to TomSqPark's dog run today -- in Batman (Rocky) and Pirate (Buffy) outfits, they had a blast chasing around the other dogs...

After the run, a pooped Rocky,

Buffy the princess.

Halloween part Deux

So yes, after a long FAB. pre-evening, we finally went home and got ready for the Halloween/B-day Bash party of Reagan Cameron at HIRO at the Maritime.
Everybody looked gorgeouss with their costumes including us in traditional Chinese outfits with glitter all over our skin and our red and yellow big fans.

They flew the DJ from London a day before just for the party and he was really good, we enjoyed the music so much and so did everybody else.

Hiro was so packed but there wasn't a long line luckily since we were on the guest list. Apparently Page Six in the NY Post the next day reported: "And at Hiro at the Maritime Hotel on Saturday, Scarlett Johansson, dressed as a flapper, and boyfriend Josh Hartnett joined Richard Gere, Jared Leto, Marc Jacobs and Karolina Kurkova at a late-night soiree hosted by nightlifer Nur Khan and fashion photographer Regan Cameron. "

There are some pictures that we took from the party including this fire tossing guy and dancer swinging on the ceiling. It was a BLAST, we had to take a subway since there was no cab at all afterwards and we didn't even bring our subway card, we had to buy the one way fare ! DAMN IT !

It was definitely a Halloween (or at least PRE-Halloween) to remember.

Halloween Part One

So this was an eventful weekend. Actually woke up at a decent hour on Sat after a late night at Opaline on Fri. Strolled over to West Village that morning and came across this cute little Italian place -- it was a hole in the wall but the pastas were amazing! I had the 4 cheeses and walnut pasta and F got the sweet sausage one -- both were incredible.

THey also specialize in their fruit-filled homemade croissants -- emm emm.. :-) It's an absolute crime that we don't remember the name of the place, but will definitely go back and will tell you the name next time.

Since we were heading to the Halloween party at Hiro Sat night, wanted to go shopping for costumes -- but no luck, the line for the Costume Store was around the Block!! That's NYC for ya.

Luckily we headed down the good old Chinatown where Great Wall had a store closing sale! everything was 50% - 70% off! including kung fu outfits -- so we stocked up big time.

Later on that night, we met up with our Brit-Buddy and his Brit-Guests for a 6pm show of Naked Boys Singing in midtown. The theater is so cool and the show was hilarious.

After an hour and a half worth of naked guys prancing all over stage, it sure worked up an apetite -- so we headed to Eatery and then drinks at Therapy before F and I heading home to get ready for the party at Hiro - I'll let Francis fill you in on that... ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Braving pre-Halloween hustle

So, since we're going to a Halloween party tonite, so we're gonna brave the mob and hit the costume store today. I guess the biggest one around is Halloween Adventure in U Square. Gonna be fun fun fun! :-)

So last night we hung out with our token-brit-asian buddy Eric and his brit-brit buddies from -- Nick and Tim. Went to a cool Spanish tapas place in E-Vil called Sala. Great recommendation and good value too. Will definitely go back again - especially for the shrimp in garlic oil and the fluffy desserts... yum-O!!

Took Eric and his friends to the ultimate NY Gay friday night experience -- Opaline in Midtown. Was packed last night and many people were in costumes -- very cool. Here are some of the nutty dragsters performing on the "Thriller Themed" dance floor (when I say "Thriller Themed" I mean trashy newspaper all over the club floor... talk about 'easy' decoration.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Coldest Week of October

So it's been freezing to death this week so far and supposedly stay the same until Sunday. It even snowed in West Virginia already, we still need to able to wear some sport jackets before those thick winter coats, help - pray for the warmer and sunnier weather please ...

So today I got off work as usual and we decided to meet up in U-Square. We checked out some newest maybe I should say thinnest digital camera at C-City. Got some snack for our children at Petco since they have been craving for it so desperately.

We finally had dinner at the French Restaurant L'Express they have a pretty good price for restaurants in NY and the food is FAB.

I'e heard from a client of mine, this next week there will be a huge gay event in Phuket Thailand and will be held for three day in the row, I guess its kinda a like a white party here in the US, it must be really cool.

That's all folks, can't wait for this weekend, would be the hectic ones.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's dropping...

...the temperature that is. In just the past week, the temps have dropped almost 10-15 degrees -- even though it's only Oct, it FEELS like it's gonna snow any minute. Strange 'cause from what I remember last year, the weather was still 'Fall-like' and nice in Oct and into Nov -- will we actually get a white xmas this year?!?

after my "Asian noodles" disaster last night -- (I cooked, outcome wasn't too good), Francis and I headed out for dinner instead. Went to this new restaurant in E-V called Mo's Pitkin's House of Satisfaction.

Totally retro look and feel -- the menu is 'jewish comfort food' -- tasty and filling. Perhaps the best part of the restaurant are the huge leather booths where you can sink into -- perfect on a rainy Tues night after a long hard day's work.

Had the deep fried Mac & Cheese -- whew, talk about an artery clogger -- inTENSE!

OVerall it was a great vibe and will def. check it out again!

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Confessions on Roxy's Dance Floor

So finally she showed up at 2 AM ! Yes, it was Madonna rocked the dance floor of Roxy. She was wearing the fabalous blue dress with the blonde hair (of course)
It was such a blast ! We have been hearing rumours that she is going to perform at Roxy since two weeks ago and finally it's true. It was a good 15 minutes although she only dance and lip-sync only for 1 song. The last time she did at Roxy that was the Ray of Light album and she sang three songs !

I never seen the line at Roxy for being so long at 11P, it was pouring down and people are still lining up from the entrance all the way to the west side high way on 18th street.

She rocked the club and everybody was having a good time, for $25 last night, it was all worth spent. It was about a year ago since I saw her performed at the her concert in LA and last night was the closest ever I ever seen her performed altough it was still really packed.

Wish have a better picture of her but this one will work, I guess !


P.S. Download the "REAL" mp3 of Hung Up here:



a few more tidbits

Hiding out from the rain @ the Maritime lobby -- waiting for friends who needed to 'get something' back home, (you know who you are!)

Long ass line outside the Roxy and in the rain - adding a new meaning to "Catching Madonna Fever"

Roxy's totally packed - the coat check was swarmed with bitches...

View of the STAR -- or... not! :-) (see her dancing on the stage?? No? We barely did either! heheheh

Heheh just kidding. It was actually quite fun. She wore this very conservatie long blue dress -- looked more like a school-teacher/librarian on stage boogie-ing away.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I'll let Francis tell you what we did last nite... since he IS the Madonna fan of the house, I'll let him do the honors.

During the day Saturday tho the weather was crappy. We were supposed to go see a flick (North Country and ShopGirl/The Fog) - but decided to just hang out around town instead.

Used another one of our Diner's Deck card at a W.Village restaurant called GOOD. It was actually truly quite 'good'. Shared a huge breakfast burrito and the GoodBreakfast (ie. eggs, small pancakes + sausage). The place was packed and we were lucky to land a window seat looking out onto Greenwich street. It was nice cozying up with a hot cup of coffee on a drizzling gray morning -- so romantic ;-)

After brunch, we headed uptown to Bloomies to see what kinda sales were going on.

I recently discovered a wonderful New Yorker pasttime: getting 'lost' in one of the big department stores on a stormy afternoon. That's when the store becomes a "micro-city within a city" - you, along with hundreds of other "refugees" in from the storm, are all there gathering inside the highly-commericalize-and-superficial safe haven. And when it's pouring outside, it is perfectly ok to just "hang" inside the store for hours without being treated as a no-life freak.

Everything you want or need are there: restaurants for when you're hungry, Starbucks when you're sleepy, free use of $40-a-bottle hand lotion at the "tester" counter, Polo leather couches at the Furniture department when your feets get tired, and even australian ice cream -- yum yum... and of course, the fun of just browsing or better yet, finding that perfect "great deal"!

We discovered that there are always some CRAZY, (yet non-advertised), sales going on at Bloomies - you just need to have sharp eyes. These gems are 'hidden' at various corners of the store and are usually tagged "Additional XX% off" on small bright red signs against the wall or somewhere at the corners. Good old reliable Bloomies, yesterday was no exception: An extra 50% off already on-sale prices on shoes including retro-Nike's, PUMA, K-Cole etc. The deals were so amazing, got 4 pairs for...well, let's just say amazing deal.

Anyways, that was saturDAY. Last nite was another kind of wild ride - which I'll have F fill you in (*unless he's lazy -- then I'll do the writing) :-)))

Saturday, October 22, 2005


TGIF! Happy Hour @ Splashbar

Needed some post-drinkie-winkie recuperation -- so decided to grab a late nite quick bite at Congee Village on Bowery.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Galleria Illy

Went to this pop-coffee showroom/lounge in Soho yesterday with some coworkers after the client meeting. Very smart marketing concept (and expensive too I bet) from the makers of fine coffee - Illy... it's a temporary coffee lounge right on the trendy / upscale West Broadway. The coffee was amazing and the vibe was really cool. But gotta take advantage of it before it disappears - it'll only be around for 3 months - closing on December 15th!

Two more day 'till the weekend

So today is thursday which one of my favourite day of the week since I don't have to go to work until like 11 sometimes noon. Yesterday was a pretty hectic day at my work, I have people travelling all over the world today so I have to get everything done by yesterday. I had to fly the CK model from Russia to New York but she wanted to make a stop to see her husband in London and fly all together from London. Luckily they are all flying first class so I don't have so much trouble finding the seats but in this kind of industry, they are changing so many times and all last minute.

There are going to be a fabric event in Hong Kong which will be held last week of October (I believe). All the Top Designers are going there so obviously flights are really full. I am having a hard time finding seats for them and that is not good since they don't mind to pay the most expensive tickets and they always think that they will get the seats no matter what ... shhhhh

Enough about work, so this weekend is going to rain I believe. We were planning to go hiking this Sunday with some friends but I don't think its going to happen. Maybe we can cath a show or another movies. I've heard the North Country is pretty good, has it even out yet ? I would love to see THE FOG but I have to convince Vince.

I am so looking forward to relax this weekend after a long week and being a little sick (feeling better now though). Hopefully the rain is not going to be so crazy like a week ago.

Well, the leaves are starting to fall and NYC is getting colder and colder. Can't wait for the Holiday Seasons, turkey, christmas tree, shopping and the most of it, spending all the times with my lover and our two FABALOUS dogs.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pier 61

Had a really productive day today - both at work and off. Since work stuff is confidential, so will focus on after-work activity...

Went to an event tonite for Francis's work, a cocktail / dinner presentation at Pier 61. hosted by an island in the Caribbean, Martinique, the event was held at the Lighthouse at the Pier. The view was amazing.

Of course, the bar was WIDE OPEN - although we only had a couple of drinks... :-) afterall it's only Wednesday.

Perhaps the best part of the night as the chocolate fondue fountain tower. It was quite amazing. I've only seen it on TV / Food Channel - never ate at one before. Dipped marshmallows, banana bread, pretzels and rice krispy cubes into the fountain - there were tons more stuff to 'dip' but were totally stuffed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Can't believe I headed out of town and back again in the past 24hrs. Unfortunately it's not for vaca but for work - went to good old Chicago - although it's more like the quiet suburb of Chicago. Flying in and out and staying one night is exhausting. But someone's gotta do it. :-)

Ordered Indian food, love this place in East Village, they have great vindaloos and naans... yum yum, can't wait...


Monday, October 17, 2005

Back in the days

Love our lower east side neighborhood, check out what it was like in the early 1900's

here's the Essex market - where we buy fresh fruit and veggies

Sunday, October 16, 2005

77 days before the year of 2006 !

I was just thinking today then it is less than 3 months before the new year. It's been a great year for us living here in NY. I can't believe it times flies so fast.

We decided to stay home tonight after a long evening (last nite that was), I wasn't feeling well today( i guess from the hang over - mixed too many liquors :)

We started the day with V's home cooking breakfast with the delicious chorizos sausage and a fabulous avocado with the bagels and cheese omelet.

And then we went to apple store again to check out the new Nano with the video in it but they didn't have it, finally we went to Javits Center to check out the digital Life Public Event that they held for the weekend. It's kinda kool actually, they had cheap stuffs that have everything in it but still looks pretty crappy, like this digital cam-recorder, the 10 mpxls and a lot of GB for you to download and also mp3 for $299 ! You can't beat that in the market but after looking and especially holding it with our own hands, you know the stuff is 'out' of digital.

They have some cool other stuff though, like this picture below, the colorful retro looking Vespa (scooter)

I got my new apple headset for my shuffle and Vince got the film for his nano with a pretty good deal price. It's amazing how these people making business from the I-Pod ! Its a must have.

We also checked out the computers, cellular phones and also this thing that you can actually use for three different rooms in the house but you don't have to have 3 cable boxes or DVRs. They have this pretty tiny box that you can set up for your three TV's at home.

Long story short, we had a fabulous dinner at the CAFE LOUP (its french and its good) and finally we used the card from the diner's deck NY restaurant card that we bought a few months ago and got a $10 discount which was not bad at all.

Little Manhattan afterwards, I thought the movie was pretty good and you always feel the excitement to see movies which they shot in your city.

That's all folks, the sun finally came out today and we are planning to hit the WSH (west side highway) with our bikes tomorrow.


cool gadgets @ Digital Life

The sun finally came out today -- after a whole week of wild and crazy rain! Went to the Digital Life consumer electronic show at Javitts and bought some iPod accessories - I got a film over for my Nano -- and he got a pair of headphones -- authentic Apple but 75% cheaper!

Check out these nutty guys from the show.


Saturday, October 15, 2005


Thank god it's friday...boy o boy. After a fab shanghainese dinner with our client tonite, Francis and i hung out around our turf - went to a party at the cool bar White Rabbit on Houston then met up with some friends at good old reliable Urge. :-)

It's all good. Free drinks at the party so can't complain. Been a hell of a week though - especially the crazy weather we've been having. It was raining NON STOP! Can't wait till the sun come out this weekend (which is supposedly gonna happen) We'll take the doggies out if it's nice.

A freakin' virus is attacking our computer, I feel like going out and just getting an iMac this weekend!

The old art studio next to our place is open for their annual "halloween haunted house" -- kinda cheesy, tons of people lining up outside tonite -- i guess that's what you have to put up with living in the "hip and happening" lower east side... ;-)


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hump Day Wed

Today is good old hump day (ie. wednesday).

After another intense day at work, Francis and I headed out to Verlaine, a Vietnamese tapas place in Lower East Side, close to our apartment.

Great deals there, $4 lychee martinis - although their 'tapas' are a little overpriced. Oh well, it was relaxing and delicious nonetheless. Over dinner and drinks, we chatted about work and our upcoming trips to SF and Asia.

Verlaine is on Rivington, right across from the new THOR, and it's nice to go to a place SOOOO close to home, especially on such a rainy night as this one. After dinner, we headed back home, turn on nice soothing music and relaxing in bed with our 2 little babies (who we are suspecting has fleas... although not confirmed) :-)

No TV tonite, but don't worry, our reliable DVR is recording America's Next Top Model and Apprentice Martha Stewart!

Nitey Nite!